Saturday, August 2, 2008

Mount Kearsarge, New Hampshire

Our neighbors from Abu Dhabi, with their two teenage sons, visited us recently. Being that they're a couple from Scotland and Egypt, and have lived in the Middle East for more than 15 years, we tried to do quintessential New Hampshire activities with them.

The first day of their visit, both our families hiked a mountain a short ride from our home. It was a sparkling day, dry and sunny and not too hot. All we needed were sturdy shoes and a hat or sunglasses. Above is me on the way up the mountain.

Above is some of our party relaxing on the top of the mountain. It was a good five or ten degrees cooler at the peak and the views were magnificent.

In the very far distance you can see the outline of the White Mountains. Below are the evergreen trees you see all over New Hampshire.Posted by Picasa


rosh said...

New England's beauty and nature is simply spectacular. I love driving up to Mass, NH, Vermont and Maine. Fall colours just takes my breath away - lovely homes and lovely folks. A part of America that's different from the rest of America. In a way, it's amazing this country we live in - there's just about anything and everything when it comes to diversity.

Thanks for the pictures - they are lovely. Am sure NH is prettier face to face.

Glad to hear you are settling in well :)

Frances Gunnison said...

Hi Rosh,
Thanks for writing. I agree, the US is amazingly varied and very beautiful. You're right: NH is more beau in person. The top of that moutain we hiked was spectacular. We could see the White Mountains in the distance, as well as lakes, forests, fields. It was indeed hard to truly capture it with a camera.
Hope if you get back to the UAE that you have a great trip.

Ilka said...

Absolutely beautiful!! I want that as a screensaver!

Frances Gunnison said...

thanks Ilka! Nice to hear from you. How are you?

Ilka said...

Hi Frances,

I am doing well...thanks for asking. I gave birth a month ago to my second child, a boy.

New Hampshire is sooo beautiful. I hope you really appreciate the beauty that surrounds is really breath taking. Glad you are enjoying yourself.

Frances Gunnison said...

Congratulations Ilka! This is a major event. God Bless all of you and Mash-Allah (please forgive atrocious spelling!).
Your news reminds me of when my second child, also a boy, was born: during a snowstorm...and just a half-hour after we got to the hospital.
New Hampshire is very beautiful, a feast for the eyes after living in the desert. But you know I loved the desert too.
Warm Regards,