Saturday, August 2, 2008

Flowers in New Hampshire

Since I returned home I've been busy unpacking, painting rooms to suit my new tastes even as I talk to old friends on the phone, and seeing loved ones. I also took weeklong trip to Ireland to visit my grandmother and attend a writing workshop.

Then I had to face the fact that for a while at least, my travelling is over. Naturally I have mixed feelings about this. It doesn't surprise me that I miss Abu Dhabi since there was so much I loved about living there. In another post I'll discuss what I miss about living in the UAE.

For now I offer two pics of flowers growing in my New Hampshire garden. They certainly were a welcome sight upon our arrival home at the end of June.

In the photo of daisies above, in the distance is a large rock on our front lawn. Young children love to climb on it. They usually stand on the flat parts and sort of pose, as if they are royalty.

Above here is one of the hollyhocks blooming near the mudroom door. They grow to about eight feet tall. They're so sturdy they remind me of Jack and the Beanstalk's bean plants that grow into the clouds.

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Kristin said...

I'm looking forward to your Abu Dhabi post. We are having some interesting times adjusting to being home as well. In some ways it's like we never left, and in others, things seem very different as we look at life in a slightly different way since our experiences in the UAE have changed us so much.

Eppler Family said...

Hi Frances and family,

it's great to see you writing again! I kept looking into your blog, hoping to hear good news from the "new settlers" in their "old home country".

As I can see you already had guests from "Al Qurm" compound, that's probably why some of our neighbours windows remained dark at night...

Keep blogging Frances!

Greetings to all of you (my family is still in Switzerland but expected to come "home" next week)


Frances Gunnison said...

Still don't know when I'll be able to sum up all the different feelings I have about leaving AD and being home. Lots of emotions there! But I do want to try to put it into words. I checked your blog recently and it looks like you've been busy and doing lots of nice things with your family. Love your new 'do. I admire your beautiful, family-centered focus. You inspire me. Thanks Kristin.
Great to hear from you! We miss the compound and all our dear neighbors. What will I do without the book club and Franziska? I hope you enjoy the peace and quiet of Abu Dhabi in the summer and that the family comes back totally refreshed from Switzerland. Please give my best to Franziska.

Frances Gunnison said...

This is weird...I replied to both of you, Kristin and Dieter, and I don't see it now. M saw it too, so how it disappeared I don't know.
About being home: at first there was pure joy to be back, especially to see our loved ones. Even sleeping on the floor of my bedroom the first night was great. But at times it's strange, I feel apart, detached, separate, and sort of numb towards everything here. Am delving into things I love here to get re-bond, for lack of a better word, with New Hampshire.
I checked your blog and you seem to be doing lots of great things with your family. I admire you for your focus there, thanks for the inspiration.
Thanks for writing. Yes, our dear friends from AD were here and as you can imagine a great time was had by all. After visiting California they'll spend a few days again with us before heading back to AD. Maybe someday you and Franziska and your kids can fly over and see us. Think about it!
I hope you had a great vacances in Switzerland.
Write your blog in English so I can read it Dieter!