Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Some Pics From Recent Activities

When our next-door neighbors from Abu Dhabi visited recently, we went kayaking on the Contoocook River in New Hampshire. We were a party of four parents and eight off-spring (ages 18 down to 9 years old). Each of us had his own kayak save for me and my ten-year-old son, who shared a double.

For more than three hours we paddled along nine miles of a slow and winding river. As if to add emphasis to the natural beauty we were experiencing, dragonflies soared and dipped above us on the water, occasionally landing on our kayaks.

There is something very pure about this kind of thing -a physical endeavor shared with such a range of ages. I just loved it. I think all of us did, especially we parents. (Those children of mine who read this blog are now groaning. Wait 'til you're a parent, I say.)

Another day we took a drive to the Nubble Lighthouse (above) in York, Maine. Very beau.

Of course all this touring required lunch beside a scenic spot along the water in Maine.
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Ilka said...

I went kayaking one time in Michigan, where my brother used to live. It is really hard, well, at least for me. I feel like when my family comes to visit me in Egypt, there is really nothing active to do except for walking in the busy streets downtown or walking to see the pyramids and sphinx.

Frances Gunnison said...

Did I forget to mention there was a slight current in the river? Even if you stopped paddling, your boat would move ever so slowly forward. I'm sure this helped: in our group there were varying degrees of fitness but everyone moved at a pretty good pace.
Cairo may not have active things to do, but what can beat the Pyramids and the Sphinx?
How far a drive are the beaches? I hear they are really nice.