Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fujairah Part II

On the way home, still in Fujairah, we passed Al Bidya Mosque, a very small and beautifully-built mosque that dates back over 400 years. Beyond it, in the background, is one of two old towers that provide breath-taking views of Fujairah.

This north-eastern emirate receives more rainfall than the other emirates of the UAE, and thus has the opportunity for a bit of farming and greenery.

Above are two of my sons resting on a stone wall on the grounds above the Al Bidya Mosque. In the background are the magnificent mountains of Fujairah.

Passing through Sharjah, we couldn't resist the opportunity to check out the Blue Souq. Above is one of the colorful shops there.

In addition to many shops selling pashminas and souvenirs, there are many carpet shops in the Blue Souq. Posted by Picasa


rosh said...

Thanks for the lovely pcitures Frances. They are beautiful, SHJ is were I grew up - being in NYC, your blog and pictures are such treat for the soul.

Shukran :)

Frances Gunnison said...

What are you doing in NYC? Funny thing, I grew up in the suburbs of NY and worked in the city during summers off from college and then after I graduated. I love Manhattan.
Now I'm here in your country. I hope you like NY. Unfortunately, many people here in the UAE believe NYC to be a dangerous place. If you are careful (don't ride the subways late at night, don't roam around dark streets alone), NYC can be a wonderful, stimulating, energizing place to live.
All the Best,

Kristin said...

Your trip looks like fun. We've been wanting to go to Snoopy Island, but haven't made it yet. Did you do any snorkeling? I love the photo of the blue souk. Looks like Aladdin's cave of wonders!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,

I have been reading your blog for months and just love all the pictures and insight you provide. I love your attitude and approach to life! I am moving to Abu Dhabi (from Florida) with my husband and 11 year old son next week and would love to get some advice on housing and meeting people from you. I am guessing you get this request all the time but I couldn't help but ask as your blog has been my main resource for preparing for the changes we will experience living in Abu Dhabi. If you have some time my email address is and I would love to "chat" with you. Maybe we could set up a time for me to give you a call? Thanks so much! Moira Novack

moira said...

Hi There,

I have enjoyed reading your blog for the last several months. Your site has been my main resource for understanding and learning about living in Abu Dhabi. My husband, 11year old son and I are moving to Abu Dhabu (from Florida) next week. We are all so excited about the move but would love to get some of your advice. Finding the right location for housing has been very difficult on line...luckily I have a month or so to find a place while I am staying at a hotel in Abu Dhabi but I really do not know where to start. My husband was there this past month but was working so much he did not learn anything about the housing!!I imagine you get this request often so I will understand if you do not have the time. But just in case I would love it if we could "chat" for a bit. My email is Thanks so much for your time and for writing this blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading it.
Best Regards,
Moira Novack

Frances Gunnison said...

Dear Moira,
I will e-mail you today.

Frances Gunnison said...

We didn't do any snorkeling, though we wanted to and had been told it is one of the must-do's in Fujairah. One good thing about not getting to all the things you wanted to on a trip is that it gives you a reason to go back - as if I needed one!

rosh said...

You grew up in the suburbs of NYC -Queens, Yonkers, LI? Am so happy to hear - talk about a small world eh? :) I work/live in Manhattan. I love the city, it's amazing here.

lol I know what you mean by perceptions in the UAE. You know, most people think all those things you see in Hollywood movies (Independence day, Spiderman, Batman and all) actually does happen in NYC. Mom, who lives in Sharjah, often asks about stuff she's seen in the movies - am laughing out loud :)

Thanks. Hope you enjoy your stay in AUH, and return for visits in the future.

Thanks again, for the pictures and the writing.

Cairogal said...

Getting out to Khor Fakhan is always a nice break from the city life!

Frances Gunnison said...

Okay, that's it! Our next outing must be to Khor Fahkan.