Sunday, March 2, 2008

Flowers To The Rescue

Outside the front of my villa I've planted four window boxes of pink petunias.

To the right of the front door, the flowers (in photo above), are thriving in the perfect weather of late. These beauties are planted in sand, with a light topping of soil.
When you have a broken arm, it is great to have beautiful flowers to cheer you up. They can distract you from the fact that the orthopedic surgeon continues to mention the possibility of surgery, that he off-handedly says your arm will hurt for three more weeks, and that he only smiles when you ask him if the cast might not really have to stay on for eight weeks.
(I planted all these flowers before I broke my arm.)Posted by Picasa


Ilka said...

I know you have an injured arm but i kept selfishly thinking, "when is she going to write a new post?" I enjoy reading your blog and looking at the beautiful pics especially the flowers because I adore plants and flowers. I bought tons of plants and only have 6 left because during the winter my apartment does not get sun. I really want to buy some lucky bamboo but I know they will die due to lack of sun so what is the point.

I do hope you recover fully soon so you can get back to riding and driving...and planting:).

Frances Gunnison said...

Dear Ilka,
Sorry about the delay, but of course I'm very happy to think that someone actually wanted to read more of my writing. Thank you.

In addition to the woes of the arm I seemed to get hit with some sort of bug this weekend and spent about 36 hours straight(!) in bed. Seems to have done me good as I'm feel re-energized today.

Re flowers - where do you live? How much longer do you have before Spring/warmer flower weather? I must confess I have always preferred outdoor plants. Indoor plants seem needy, somehow, whereas outdoor plants seem like friends I stop by and say hello to.

usamom said...


I have to agree with Ilka, I kept thinking "It seems she can type with one arm in a cast, where has she been?"

We enjoy your writing and photos here in the US as well!

It seems we will be moving in as you are moving out of Abu Dhabi. Our move has been delayed until the summer, which gives me a bit of relief as I was feeling very rushed!! I am also glad to not have to take our kindergartner out of school mid-year!!

Good luck with a speedy recovery, I hope your family continues to be so helpful!!

I also rode horses (hunters) as a child and have felt the pain of being flung into a fence and the joy of an ambulance ride!! I guess as we get older our bones are little less pliable!


Ilka said...

I live in Cairo and the winters here are surprisingly cold and dreary. The weather should be warming up by end of March. We get one month of perfect weather here and then it gets super hot and dry in the summer.

Frances Gunnison said...

you left a lovely comment on my last post, which i have deleted because i wasn't happy with it: it was just a lot of self-introspection drivel. so, thank you for your comment and i'm glad to hear your weather in cairo is getting nice. i hear the fruit there is the best!

American Muslima Writer said...

I'm laughing becuase i was also thinking "she can type with a cast I hope she has time to blog more."

I'm glad to hear you're re-energised and doing better. I hope your family is still helping you as they were when you first got hurt and the novelty was new for them.

Ohhh flowers!!! Yours are such beauties. I just started gardening and trying to coax them out of their leaves is maddening but the wait is worth it. I feel the same: indoor plants sit there starting at you to talk to them and water them but outside plants feel like you're going to visit your neighbor and have a water party.

Frances Gunnison said...

not that it matters, but i can't type with this cast as it is on my right arm and goes from my knuckles to about 4 inches above my elbow. i'm typing w/my left index finger.
the kids are still being very sweet but they are busy. poor m is baring the brunt of my incapacity as he is the only other driver.