Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Fossil Valley, Oman

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan ended Thursday night (Oct. 11th). Our good friends and neighbors invited us to join them in the desert. A popular place to camp, Fossil Valley is a two-hour drive from Abu Dhabi in Oman.

Above is just over the UAE border in Oman. It's the lead car, driven by our new Dutch friends who were patient and unflappable when various problems arose (see post below!).

We had to remind our children not to drink water or show they were chewing gum once we crossed into Oman - the Omanis were in their last day of Ramadan.

Fossil Valley is a vast, open and flat area that was at one time under water; it now contains fossils of marine life. Stark and dry, dotted with an occasional acacia tree, it reminded me of pictures I've seen of the African plains.

Despite the heat, the children immediately began climbing the surrounding rocky hills and scratching the sand in search of fossils. Our new friends, who'd camped here numerous times, picked out two trees where we set up camp. It was a good 20 degrees (Fahrenheit) cooler in the shade.

My 16-year-old and I enjoy the shade and company of new friends. My youngest two boys were flying kites near us with a Japanese schoolmate of my second-grader's.
In the distance (picture above) is the mountain we were to hike. The intention was to reach the "Hanging Gardens," which grow downward in the crevices of the steep rocky mountains here.
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Frances Gunnison said...

This is for Land-Frau,
Thanks for noticing that the pics weren't showing. I re-did the post, so I hope your daughter can see the photos of Oman.
I wish i could read your blog, but I don't know German!

Land-Frau said...

Hi Frances, just found your comment, I have two blogs, one in english and a german one. The english -language one is under
You will also find there interesting links, if you touch a different colour word.enjoy..Landfrau

Frances Gunnison said...

Thanks! I'll definitely check it out. F.