Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Lettuce Man Cometh

The Lettuce Man came today. Of course that's not his name, but it's what M and I call him.
Every Thursday, the Lettuce Man delivers pesticide-free lettuce to my door. He sells boxes of eight heads, for five dirhams each. That's $1.35 apiece.
My neighbor and I share a box. Every leaf on every head of lettuce is healthy and green; there is no waste.
Sometimes, after the Lettuce Man leaves, I'll pick up one of the heads of lettuce and hold it like a bride's bouquet - they are that beautiful.Posted by Picasa


Land-Frau said...

That sure looks healthy, and is this your palm tree next to you? Regards..die LANDFRAU

Frances Gunnison said...

Yes, Landfrau, that's my new tree next to me. You're on the ball!
When I bought it I thought it was a young date-palm tree; I subsequently went on and on in this blog about my love affair with the date palm trees here. (There are 40 million in the UAE!)
Then my New Zealand/Dutch neighbor informed me that my tree is a cycad! Oh well. That'll teach me to check my facts.

Land-Frau said...

Hi,hi, cute story,but think you love it anyway and there is nothing against getting a genuine one to keep the cycad bastard company! - Have a nice weekend..die LANDFRAU

Ilka said...

That lettuce looks really good. I love eating salad and there is a shortage of good lettuce here in Egypt. That is a really cute picture too!

Cairogal said...

Could you tell me how to get in touch w/ this vendor? We are planning on moving to AD in August, and I would love to get my hands on healthier veg. Thanks!

Frances Gunnison said...

Sorry Cairogal, I didn't see your comment until now.
The name of the business is City Farm Vegetables LLC. Their number in Abu Dhabi is: 02-445-4251.
I just bought some parsley, basil and rocca in addition to the lettuce and the basil smells soooo good!

Cairogal said...

Thanks, Frances! I'm so happy that there are options like this.

Roy O'M said...


We are in the process of building an organic hydroponic vegetable/Salad growing system near Abu Dhabi

Those cityfarm lettuce look great, are you still paying $1.35 a head?

Muhammad Amjad said...

Thanks ...these are beautiful flowers.Thanks ...these are beautiful flowers.