Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Learning English

I volunteer for an English-language-conversation group in Abu Dhabi. Today we met for the first time for the new "season."

It was really nice to see these ladies again. They come from all over the world: Bosnia, Egypt, Eritraea, France, Indonesia, Iraq, Japan, Lebanon, Libya, the Netherlands, etc. I worked hard to get to know the participants last year, especially the Muslim women. Today everyone greeted me warmly, like a friend.

The Korean woman who leads the class makes it fun and challenging. Today we started by reading tongue-twisters aloud, which made us all laugh. Afterwards we broke into smaller groups and discussed the topic of the day: homesickness and possible remedies.


Sallab said...

My wife also interested to join your group. Please be advised how to join.

zaza said...

Hi.. how r u? i'm very happy when i read ur article. i have question, are u still continue ur activity in this group coz i see the year is 2007. how about now?
and i like to join ur group, what i must do it? now i live in abu dhabi, i want to learn english, to complete my language.
thank u so much if u can help me :)