Monday, June 25, 2007

A Log Cabin in New Hampshire

The children and I arrived back in the United States last week. M will join us soon.

We are staying in a log cabin in a rural part of New Hampshire. (Our own house is rented.)

I am soaking up the change of scenery, trying to burn it into my memory for when we return, in late July, for a second year in Abu Dhabi.

The sky is dusty blue, it seems bigger here, and it often has a gorgeous display of cotton-puff clouds across it. The road we travel into town cuts through hills covered in trees that make me think of gigantic heads of broccoli standing so close together you can't see their stalks.

Twice last week, when I was driving to the cabin late at night, deer loped out of the woods and and paused at the edge of the road. I slowed down, in case they charged my car. A deer did run into my car a few years ago in New Hampshire. But both times (last week) the deer walked back in to the forest.

Our log cabin is on a lake. The air is cool and dry. We don't need air conditioning, and my sunglasses don't fog up when I go outside.

Yesterday I saw beautiful lilac-colored dahlias for sale; I'm trying to resist buying them because in four weeks we'll be back in Abu Dhabi.

Two of my goals for when we go back to the UAE: to own a small palm tree and to take Middle Eastern dance lessons. The good news is that I know where to acquire both.

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